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Several of your teammates streak ahead of you, jetpacking across the horizon and toward the enemy base. Their flag will be captured soonyou can already see it. Meanwhile, those left defending your base cry for backup as thunderous mortar and grenade explosions echo through your headset. Your light armor, perfectly suited for capturing the flag, will not stand up to the carnage being delivered by the enemy back at your base. What can you do?


Find an inventory station, transform yourself into a heavy armor defender, and save the base from decimation.

Tribes 2 is about dynamic play. Unlike other action titles, Tribes 2 empowers you to choose and change the role you play at any point during the match. Thus, when the nature of battle changes, you can as well. Victory in Tribes 2 is earned by adapting your team's tactics, strategies and individual player roles to fit the war being waged.

Each armor type has different advantages and disadvantages. Learn these and it won't be long before know how to change to take on offensive, defensive, defense, sniping, and base repair roles.

Skilled players will be able to perform a variety of tasks in each armor. Below are examples of the three major armor types:

Scout Armor            Assault-Class         Juggernauts



Scout Armor

Also known as "Lights," these are the lightest and fastest of all the armor types. With light armor, you can fly longer and higher than Mediums or Heavies, but you won't be able to sustain as much damage. You also won't be able to carry some of the larger and more destructive weapons in this armor, such as the mortar. Perfect for flag-capping, laying a sensor network, and sniping. Not the best choice for defending your base, except for around its perimeters.


Also known as "Mediums," these are an all-purpose armor that can be used for offensive, defensive and mid-field roles. With medium armor, you won't be as fast as Lights and you won't be able to jetpack as freely. But you won't be as limited in weapons department either. Although they can't carry the arsenal that Heavies can, mediums will be able to carry weapons that can quickly eliminate enemy defenses. Capping a flag in medium armor can be donebut is quite challenging given competent opponents.


While slow and vertically challenged, these armors can take a beating. Perfect for base defense. Also known as "Heavies", Juggernauts armor can also carry the most devastating weapons found in Tribes 2. Given transportation to distant enemy bases (e.g. via a heavy personnel carrier), Heavies can also be used to inflict major damage to enemy bases and their defense systems.